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From ancient times, to Art Nouveau, Art Deco and contemporary art – in the “House of Antiques” you will find objects of art from almost every era. Our variety of goods not only comprises selected pieces of jewellery, precious silver, porcelain and ceramic objects but also paintings of various renowned artists, enormous collections of numismatic coins and signets, efficient pocket watches and outstanding small pieces of furniture. In addition a variety of glass objects by famous manufacturers such as Lötz, Lalique, Daum and Gallé add to our varied assortment.

Our offer excludes mass produced goods and we primarily focus on optimally preserved and unique pieces of jewellery and high class objects of virtu for almost every taste. With directly purchasing our goods from private clientele as well as inheritence we are in the unparalleled position to always offer a wide range of antiquities at fair prices. Our huge supply of numismatics not only impresses collectors and history enthusiasts but also offers plenty of coins and medals of all parts of the world, with our focus lying on the precious Salzburg numismatics and the considerable history involved.

Besides our store in Salzburgs city centre we also offer an ONLINE-SHOP with a regularly updated assortment of coins and medals for our national and international customers. Additionally you can find us on various art and coin fairs in Austria and Germany.

Thanks to our long-time experience and excellent reputation we are able to number ourselves amongst the most reputable antique and art dealers in Austria. With faithful, competent and reliable consolation we are your contact for coins, jewellery and objects of art in Salzburg.

We set value on your satisfaction and are looking forward to your visit!


Günther Schwaighofer & Team


Industrialisation and mass production lead to the suppression of natural understanding of design, material and form. Art and Antiques therefore are more then ever the most wonderful way to reconnect with history and individual lifestyle. Through the ages the “House of Antiques”stands out with a manifold and qualitative offer of coins, art and antiques. Besides unique jewellery, precious objects of art and silver, bronze, glass or porcelain objects one will first and foremost find an unbelievably wide range of numismatic coins of ancient times, middle and modern age.

Amongst our range of objects we have for example various pieces of jewelry. Be it Venetian earings or micro-mosaic works, small enamel paintings, bracelets with Bohemian garnets, traditional jewellery such as “Kropfketten” or precious costlinesses with diamonds, rubies, opals, emeralds – the connection of decorative and today almost invaluable manual effort makes antique and unique preserved jewellery to something very special. We are always eager to offer our clientele a wide range of diverse jewellery for almost every taste and at varied levels of prices. Hereby we set high value at timeless, beautiful and qualitative high class pieces. Almost every object in the “House of Antiques” is unique, wins over conventional mass produced goods and represents a sustainable investment for generations.

We also offer you a wide range of numismatic coins and medals as well as investment coins: Salzburg numismatics, coins of the Austrian empire and republic, Franz Joseph I., Roman German Empire, ancient times, middle age, foreign as well as contemporary coins, gold coins and many more. Newcomer as well as long-established coin collectors will not only find pieces to enrich their own collections at the “House of Antiques” but also have the possibility to rummage through our famous “grub-box” with a variety of coins and medals at exceptional prices. As a well established firm in Salzburg, coins and medals from the archbishopric Salzburg are amongst others our area of expertise. Unfortunately only a few people know about the economically importance of our town through out times and that it in fact was independent for quite a while. Thanks to the intelligent arch bishops, Salzburg is able to look back to more than 1200 years of coin history. The wealth of the city due to close-by silver and gold mining regions as well as the high class and unique design of the coins make them not only the most wonderful but besides Russian and Saxony coins also the most precious coins in the world. Every lover of this city, history enthusiast or investor should consider having a look at the fascinating area of Salzburg numismatics. Taler, Kreuzer, silver or gold coins from all sorts of countries and continents – we are eager to offer our clients a variety of coins and medals not only in our Salzburg store but also in our ONLINE-SHOPWe are happy to offer you advise for your first initial purchase or for the expansion of your collection. We also help you to find a certain coin you might be looking for or represent you at auctions. As experts with longtime experience and an internationally esteemed reputation we offer you a wide assortment of coins and medals and serve you as trustful advisors.

Besides coins and unique jewelry we also offer glass and silver ware, porcelain and ceramic objects, traditional Austrian objects such as old coin buttons, charivari and old pocket watches, paintings, brass objects of famous manufacturers as well seals and other objects of virtu. Please let us know if you are looking for something in particular.

Useful Downloads for coin enthusiasts

Overview | Missing Coins List of Salzburg Coins

This PDF-Document provides an ovierview of the Salzburg archbishops (1495-1809) just as of this time in Salzburg produced coins. The list is not only the outline but serves the collector as a missing coins list. Therefore already acquired collectibles and missing pieces can be stated clearly.

> Download Missing Coins List

Useful Information for Coin-Collectors

In this document you will find explanations of international standard abbreviations to rarity and conservation degrees of coins. Also you will find useful information to navigate in the world of coins and to find your way around our website.

> Download Information


In the “House of Antiques” we always seek to offer you an extensive and various assortment of goods. To offer our customers exceptional pieces of art we therefore are always on the look out for new treasures and costlinesses.

A reliable transaction and expert knowledge is very important for the purchase of jewelleries, coins, antiques and objects of art. Due to our long lasting experience and excellent reputation, we offer you individual advice, competent pricing and prompt paying.

PURCHASE OF GOLD: We also buy gold jewellery, old and dental gold as well as silver and gold coins of all kinds at fair daily prices.

Do not hestitate to come by the “House of Antiques” to show us your objects. We are happy to take the time and share our knowledge with you, inform you about the value of your objects and make you a descent and fair offer.

To avoid long queue times, we kindly ask for an advance notice via phone or email. Quotations for articles of virtu only can be given after face-to-face appraisal. As an authorised expert, I attend you in a correct and reliable way.


30 years ago Günther Schwaighofer turned his passion into a job description. Since then he is an antiques and coins dealer, shares his extensive knowledge with clients and leads a successful business with a variety of objects of virtue. His specialty are particularly numismatic coins of the archbishopric Salzburg of which he is a renowned specialist.

As the representative of her father, Eva Schwaighofer is not only in charge of all things communication, marketing and back-office. She particularly invests her time in the comprehensive Online-Shop and manages various projects such as the organization and cataloguing of more than 1000 signets.

Sabine Rögl as well is a very valuable part of the Team and the administrative coordinator in the “House of Antiques”. She manages not only the back-office but also the communication with clients and partners. Mrs. Rögl is your contact person if you have any questions whatsoever. Also, please note that our customers have the unique opportunity to benefit from the qualifications of our goldsmith Christian Lenk. He is specialized in antique jewelry and does not only help to preserve the objects of virtue but also to reinvent them if needed.

As a team we are looking forward to your visit in the “House of Antiques”.